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Notes for making the sysutils/cpupdate port, testing, review etc

The manual page is currently only as this draft page , as I still have to format it using pod2man, as Eugene suggested. microcode libraries to be used: The paths for the are #defined in cpupdate.h . They are currently set to      /usr/local/share/cpupdate/CPUMicrocodes/primary          --> gets searched first.          Intention: Place newest manufacturer's files there. and   /usr/local/share/cpupdate/CPUMicrocodes/secondary          --> gets searched if no matching update found in the first directory          Intention: Place converted platomavs' files into.   The paths above get appended by the manufacturer names, currently defined as     #define VENDORNAME_INTEL ("Intel")     #define VENDORNAME_AMD ("AMD")     #define VENDORNAME_VIA ("VIA") in cpupdate.h. So the files downloadable from Intel here in the intel-ucode subdirectory of microcode-20180312.tgz   could be placed in    /usr/local/share/cpupdate/CPUMicroc

cpupdate manpage draft

NAME cpupdate - cpu microcode analysis and updating tool SYNOPSIS cpupdate -i [-v[v ]] cpupdate -u [-w] [-p primary-path ] [-p secondary-path ] [-v[v ] | -q] cpupdate -U microcode-file [-w] [-v[v ] | -q] cpupdate -V cpupdate -h cpupdate -f -I microcode-file [-v[v ]] cpupdate -c - I microcode-dir [-v[v ]] cpupdate -C - I -S source-dir - T target -dir [-v[v ]] cpupdate -X - I -S source-dir - T target -dir [-v[v ]] DESCRIPTION cpupdate is a tool for tasks related to microcode updating.   Display the CPU family, model, stepping and microcode version. Show the internal characteristics of microcode update files. Convert back and forth microcode files between the legacy and  the new multi-blobbed Intel format. Verify integrity of microcode files. Update the processor's microcode and register the processor  features added by the microcode update (if any).   Intel i